Microscopya – A New Science Video Game Exploring the Beauty of the Molecular World  

Microscopya shares the fascinating world inside our cells to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders

SBeata Science Art is offering a fresh take on science communication by announcing the release of Microscopya on July 8th, 2022. Taking the player on a fantastical journey through the inside of the cell, Microscopya aims to spark curiosity and excitement about science while bringing awareness to careers in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math). The game is available for free on AndroidiOS, and browsers!

Microscopya is a science-themed adventure and puzzle game with hand-drawn illustrations and puzzles based on real scientific concepts. Players can customize their character, solve educational puzzles, and discover the beauty of biology while interacting with the fascinating world inside their cells. The game uses immersive visuals and music to create a fantastical experience for audiences of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy, while highlighting the intricate dynamics of the molecular world and making scientific concepts accessible in creative ways.

Microscopya is a unique collaboration between molecular biologist, science artist and AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador Dr. Beata Mierzwa, conservationist and science communicator Matthew Cooney, rockstar Jamie Van Dyck of the band Earthside, and Atelier Monarch Studios. The inspiration to use art to communicate science came to Dr. Mierzwa while seeing the beauty and complexity of dividing cells under the microscope during her research, which laid the foundation for creating the immersive world of Microscopya. “Rather than teaching textbook facts, we want players to experience the wonders of biology in a more engaging way, so it was very important to focus on art and music to create a world that is a joy to explore,” said Dr. Mierzwa.

Microscopya’s innovative approach contributes to a culture shift in how science is communicated. By inviting players to explore the molecular world from a different angle and painting a more diverse picture of what it means to be a scientist, this project aims to reach and inspire creative students who fall outside the scientific stereotype and to empower girls to see themselves as scientists. By highlighting a strong female protagonist, the game will address the lack of female role models in media and provide a unique opportunity for the player to see herself as a pioneer on a journey that requires overcoming hurdles and creative thinking. In addition, the game provides a valuable resource for educators who seek to diversify their teaching methods to engage their students inside and outside the classroom.

This project was made possible through an IF/THEN® She Can Change The World Project grant supported by Lyda Hill Philanthropies as part of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) IF/THEN® Ambassadors Program, and has received additional funding from the American Society of Cell Biology.

For those interested in experiencing the magical world inside their cells for themselves, please visit www.microscopya.com – the game is free to play on AndroidiOS, and browsers!



Beata Science Art is a science outreach brand sharing the beauty of biology through art, fashion, and interactive media. Inspired by a passion to make science accessible in creative ways, Dr. Beata Mierzwa, a molecular biologist and science artist, collaborates with Matthew Cooney, MSc, a science communicator with a passion for conservation. Beata’s science art illustrations portray scientific concepts in intuitive ways, while her science fashion celebrates the beauty of the molecular world. For more information, please visit www.beatascienceart.com or follow @beatascienceart on social media.


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