About Microscopya

Microscopya is an adventure and puzzle game taking players on a journey through the inside of the cell, exploring its fantastical world and solving puzzles based on real molecular mechanisms. The game uses artistic imagery and educational puzzles to spark excitement about science while bringing awareness to careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

This is the very first game by Beata Science Art, and it is the result of a unique interdisciplinary collaboration between a molecular biologist and science artist, a conservationist and science communicator, a talented composer of the band Earthside, and Atelier Monarch Studios.

Special thanks to the American Association for the Advancement of Science and Lyda Hill Philanthropies for making this project possible as part of the IF/THEN Ambassadors Program, and the American Society for Cell Biology for additional funding.

About Beata Science Art

Beata Science Art is a science outreach brand sharing the beauty of biology through art, fashion, and interactive media. Inspired by a passion to make science accessible in creative ways, Dr. Beata Mierzwa, a molecular biologist and science artist, collaborates with Matthew Cooney, MSc, a science communicator with a passion for conservation. Beata’s science art illustrations portray scientific concepts in intuitive ways, while her science fashion celebrates the beauty of the molecular world.

Beata Mierzwa, PhD

Beata Mierzwa is a molecular biologist and science artist. She creates illustrations and fashion to share the beauty of science and inspire our next generation of scientists.

Matthew Cooney

Matthew Cooney, MSc

Matthew Cooney is a science communicator studying biology with a focus on conservation. He has a passion for all living things, and loves to help communicate the fascinating beauty of the natural world.